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       “The Goddess Office” was invested and filmed by WIN company, which to be China's first Multiple highly linked Large urban youth comedy for all year, and now hardlanding both GuangXi TV and PPTV at 23:00 each day,   since November 25th . From Monday to Friday each week,   about 260 episode yearly and every episode looks good. The four personalities differed  beauties goddess,jointly interpret splendid story female version of the “Chinese partners”. To start Foshan WIN Cosmetics Co., Ltd and Afrees personal care marketing new pattern's at the same time. “The Goddess Office”  in the name of youth. As long as we're together , nothing is impossible.!
       Afrees Excellent Collagen beautifully rendered , China's first Multiple highly linked Large urban youth comedy “Goddess Office”, that sincerity launch in 2013, so stay tuned!


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