Foshan wanying cosmetics co., LTD., focusing on the research and development of high-quality skin care products for 25 years, is a well-known OEM/ODM enterprise integrating r&d, design and manufacturing. Not only for watsons OGM bone collagen series best-selling brand for 15 years, for the soffit ODM papaya cleansing milk as the representative of the series of best-selling products, but also for many enterprise OEM products.
Wanying has an area of 21,000 square meters, a construction area of 40,000 square meters, including 100,000 grade purification area of 8,254 square meters of modern garden-style factory. At home and abroad, it has four r&d bases, namely, Shanghai in east China, Beijing in north China, foshan headquarters in south China and Tokyo in Japan.
The company adopts advanced production equipment such as automatic filling machine and cap screw-off machine, and produces products in strict accordance with GMPC specifications. At present, the daily output can reach 3.5 million facial masks. 276,000 hoses; Each kind of single bottle product 780,000 bottles (pieces).
Thousands of company quality assurance system and test facilities, not only passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, through the ISO 14001:2004 environment system certification, through the audit, through the BSCI notarization ISO22716:2207 (E) cosmetics - good practice (GMP) certification, has passed the United States, the European Union and the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) GMPC certification, and access to the national high-tech enterprise certification. With a high standard of service system, for many popular brands, from product research and development to product finished products out of the warehouse, to provide more scientific whole process solutions, to create exclusive high-quality skin care products for customers, we firmly believe that: only unexpected raw materials, there is no effect!
  Customers can provide the following services:
        OEM: customers provide formulas/orders, and wanying is responsible for production and delivery of finished products
  ODM: customers provide orders, and wanying provides formulation, r&d support, design, production and delivery of finished products to customers
     OGM: customers demand, wanying to provide brand design and formula and research and development support, design, production and delivery of finished products

         Wanying enterprise history:
         In 1990,
         Based on the research results of professor huang zhizhi's scientific research team at Beijing university of chemical technology, China, a scientific research team was established to conduct a preliminary study on the clinical effect of bone collagen in skin care products.

        In 1991,  
        Ask for instructions from the science and technology department of the ministry of light industry to include the bone collagen project in the "eighth five-year plan" of the ministry of light industry and designate it for production in our group company.

        In 1992,  
        In July, I undertook the r&d and manufacturing of the national "85 plan" bone collagen advanced skin care project, and began to focus on the r&d and production of bone collagen. In the following year, I passed the national technical appraisal of bone collagen project

        In 1993,
        The labor insurance frost developed by wanying company was awarded the excellent new product of guangdong province by guangdong economic committee.

        In 1998,
        One of the first batch of enterprises to get the production license and hygiene license after the implementation of the cosmetics license system in China.
        In the same year, we produced papaya series, tian jie xiao yu series, jiao qiao series cream, emulsion, facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, baking cream and other about 100 specifications and varieties for the OEM of liang shi group (Hong Kong) co., LTD.

       In 2003,
       Watsons wins the favor of watsons with its high-quality products, and becomes watsons' global strategic partner, gold supplier, as well as watsons' research and development manufacturer of natural bone collagen, the champion product in the store.

       In 2008,
       Wanying company plans to build an area of 21,000 square meters and a construction area of 40,000 square meters in accordance with the GMPC standard for the production of international drugs, food and cosmetics, including the completion of a modern garden-style factory building of 4,000 square meters in a 100,000-level purification zone.

       In 2009,
       Jointly developed with zhejiang university, the company has developed "transforming edible bird's nest into active whitening and skin care ingredients that can be directly absorbed by the skin", and obtained the national patent, patent number: ZL2007 1 0069423.9.
       In the same year, wanying company overcame the scientific and technological difficulties of bone collagen absorption and developed eugenics bone collagen products with good effect and good absorption by combining with Beijing university of chemical technology, bionics principle and enzymatic hydrolysis technology.

       In 2010,
       In August, wanying company launched its own brand "anthracene", anthracene personal care series. Offline "KA: rt-mart, auchan, century alliance, wal-mart, renle; OTC: yifeng pharmacy, da-shen-lin, and TCM pharmacy; Terminal daily chemical store; Wholesale circulation market "shop goods throughout the country.

       In 2011,
       Formed the creative concept of "future store" of wanying and launched "future store peak BBS of China Daily chemical channel" in yan 'an. In the same year, through the clinical verification of 307 hospital of the people's liberation army and Beijing armed police general hospital, wanying bone collagen hand cream was effective against chapped hands for 7 days, with a total effective rate of more than 96.67%, without any adverse reactions. Bone collagen moistens body dew, moistens dryness and relieves itching.

       In 2012,
       In the future, the store will successfully complete the upgrading of more than 100 key stores nationwide. At the Shanghai beauty expo in 2012, wanying company exhibited in a brand new store model.
       At the end of the same year, the youth inspirational drama "ma dou dormitory", which was shot by wan ying and exclusively named and played by anthracene star products in 15 seconds, was broadcasted by guangxi satellite TV as the leading role. Previously, the play had been broadcasted by PPTV and 50 prefectural-level TV stations in China at the same time.

       In 2013,
       On November 25, wanying company cooperated with guangxi TV station, PPTV and yingyang wanying film company to produce goddess office, a workplace sitcom.

       In 2014,
       In February, private brand "anthrafine" online channel, Tmall flagship store, jingdong mall and other channels to sell products officially to the outside world.
       In the same year, wanying company launched its own brand "ICearu", which takes care of nature, body and soul as the concept, with care as the brand core.
       In the same year, it successfully obtained the national patent for extracting collagen components of donkey-hide gelatin, which further established the scientific and authoritative nature and authority of wanying in the field of skin care. (China invention patent no. : ZL 2008 1 0097284.5)
      In 2015,
      Wan ying anthracene phenanthracene launched a new generation of yellow eugenic bone collagen series, formula upgrade packaging upgrade, at the same time to hire famous movie star yuan jiayu as the spokesperson, for anthracene phenanthracene eugenic bone collagen set up a younger and more fashionable brand image.
      In 2016,
      With the trust and support of foshan science and technology bureau and shunde people's government, foshan bone collagen cosmetics engineering and technology research and development center and shunde bone collagen cosmetics engineering and technology research and development center have been established in wanying.
      In the same year, wanying cooperated with Tokyo university of engineering to set up wanying cosmetics research and development base in Japan.
      In 2017,
      Wan ying was affirmed by guangdong province and became the engineering and technical research center of bone collagen cosmetics and the provincial enterprise technology center.
      Relying on the research and development strength and technology of wanying, it has passed the certification of high-tech enterprises and obtained a number of patents at the same time.
      In 2018,
      Wanying anthracene launched the third generation · new yellow bone series, indicating that wanying bone collagen officially entered the 3.0 era!


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